Google intersectionality and what do you get? 

Collins & Bilge 2016. Intersectionality (Polity): 193: "Throughout the book, we have aimed to deepen this working definition of intersectionality in ways that encompass its heterogeneity and dynamism yet clarity its core principles. We settled on this definition because it is BROAD AND ELASTIC ENOUGH to encompass the diversity within intersectionality yet provides some guidance on some important BOUNDARIES around intersectionality." [my emphasis]


Collins & Bilge 2016, p. 204: "The central challenge of intersectionality is to move into the politics of the not-yet. Thus far, intersectionality has managed to sustain intellectual and political dynamism that grows from its heterogeneity. This is immensely difficult to achieve when faced with the kinds of intellectual and political challenges we have explored in this book. But just because something is difficult does not mean that it's not worth doing." [my emphasis]

Octavia's Brood -- black transmedia intersectionality in action 

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Octavia's Brood  

Google for images of intersectionality and what do you get? 

[image from: Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality in ESL Education HERE.]  

Why put Race at the center? Is it a center? What Networks & Tangles & Fields & Powers are shown here? Additive? Interactive? Intra-actions? Transversal? Trans-sectoral? 

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