Much missing from this talk in twenty minutes: some of the things to also discuss perhaps:

=the Trans-Knowledges: for starters: 

transgender, transing, trans*
transnational, transversal, transcontexual
transgenic, translation, tranimal
transdisciplinary, trans-sectoral, transmedia

SL Tranimal: My Distributed Animality. SLSA: Decodings, for panel “TRANimalS: Theorizing The Trans- in Zoontology.” Atlanta, 7 November 2009; at: http://sltranimal.blogspot.com/

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=Political Being, ontologies and makings of action: 

prefigurative politics <=> diegetic prototyping 

Science Fiction Feminisms, Feminist Science Fictions & Feminist Sustainability. Co-authored with Joan Haran. Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology 2. (2013): n. pag. at: http://adanewmedia.org/2013/11/issue3-kingharan/

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